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"Online Military Training and Education: A Debate!"

"Military Innovation for Learning"

20 November 2018

The ADL Initiative will host two special events at this year’s Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), scheduled for November 26-30 in Orlando, Florida. The first special event, “Online Military Training and Education: A Debate!” hosted by Sae Schatz, Ph.D., Director of the ADL Initiative, will involve an evidence-based debate about the viability, efficiency, and quality of online learning. The second special event includes a series of design thinking workshops, around emerging concepts in learning. This special event series, called “Military Innovation for Learning,” is hosted by J.J. Vogel-Walcutt, Ph.D., Director of Innovation at the ADL Initiative, and it represents a collaboration between the DoD and Office of Personnel Management.

"Online Military Training and Education: A Debate!"

Wednesday 28 November 2018, 1400-1530 S320GH

Online learning is growing in prevalence. Defense institutions are following this trend by increasingly seeking to convert their traditional, in-resident education and face-to-face training courses into distributed or blended learning, often with cost-saving in mind.

While many stakeholders are in favor of the transition to online learning, concerns persist: Will students continue to receive equally good learning experiences via distributed/blended learning? Can online learning engender the same “intangible” (noncognitive) outcomes, such as acculturation? Can we afford to embrace this transition?

In this session, we will actively debate the use of online learning for military training and education. Audience members will leave with a set of clear, evidence-based arguments for and against it. Attendees will also have a chance to participate, sharing their own “pro” and “con” thoughts about the increasing use of distributed learning for military training and education.

Sae Schatz, Ph.D., Director of the ADL Initiative

Sae serves as the Director of the ADL Initiative. Before joining the Government in 2015, she worked as an applied human–systems scientist, with an emphasis on human cognition and learning, instructional technologies, adaptive systems, human performance assessment, and modeling and simulation.

Paul Jesukiewicz, Director, Knowledge Portal, U.S. Office of Personnel and Management (OPM)

Paul is a leader in the field of learning technologies with over 30 years of experience working in government, industry, and academia. He has successfully led research, development, and implementation of a global program on advanced distributed learning. He is an internationally-recognized thought leader in learning strategies, innovation and problem-solving; and possesses a deep knowledge of learning technologies; augmented by a technical background, education, and experience in business development and program management.

James Martin, Ph.D. Dean of Academics, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC)

While a history professor at heart, Jim has spent most of the last 19 years as an academic administrator. His specialties center around graduate education, assessment, and accreditation. His goals are simple; to continue to serve at the Command and General Staff College where he thinks he can make a difference.

"Military Innovation for Learning"

The ADL Initiative and the Innovation Lab from the Office of Personnel Management will collaboratively host this series of design thinking challenges focused on addressing unique issues for the development of the Future Learning Ecosystem.

The series, which continues throughout I/ITSEC, will begin first with a 90-minute instructional tutorial, followed by a 3-part series of workshops, and ending with a summation of the findings. Each problem set will focus on a different aspect of developing the Future Learning Ecosystem. These include challenges in the areas of ethics and artificial intelligence in the total learning architecture, the role of analytics and visualizations in creating a DoD-wide learner profile, and the inherent challenges in change management when coordinating a multi-community, multi-layer common infrastructure.

The goal of each workshop is to bring together industry, academia, government, and military to answer the multidisciplinary challenges we all face in developing this ecosystem. Participants can immediately submit their proposed solutions as white papers, quad charts, or on-site videos for rapid award consideration. One or more winning submissions will be recognized, and a full proposal will be requested. This event will be led by J.J. Vogel-Walcutt, Ph.D..

Date Time Title Facilitator Room
Mon 26 Nov. 1430-1600 Instructional Tutorial OPM’s Innovation Lab & ADL Initiative S320D
Tue 27 Nov. 1600-1730 Total Learning Architecture Mr. Brent Smith, SETA contractor with the ADL Initiative S329
Wed 28 Nov. 1030-1200 Data Analytics in the Future Learning Ecosystem Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet Analytics S329
Wed 28 Nov. 1600-1730 Human & Organizational Implementation Plan Sydney Heimbrock, Ph.D., Center for Leadership Development S329
Thu 29 Nov. 930 Award Presentations J.J. Vogel-Walcutt – ADL Initiative, Ph.D., and OPM’s Innovation Lab ADL Initiative/NATO International Booth 2471