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It's Here! LRS Test Suite Candidate Release.

ADL Initiative is pleased to announce the candidate release of the Experience API (xAPI) Learning Record Store (LRS) Test Suite_. As you know, LRS is part of the xAPI specification; it's the data warehouse that receives, stores, and provides access to xAPI statements.  Therefore, the LRS Test Suite provides a way to verify whether a software system conforms with xAPI requirements.

This test suite evaluates whether an LRS correctly implements all of the mandatory server-side requirements in the xAPI specification, and it serves as a central registry for conformant LRS products.

Sign up and begin testing your LRS, now—and share your experience with us. We're releasing this candidate version of the LRS so that we can get your feedback before the final release. During this soft roll-out, the test and conformance results aren't considered final and will be removed from the online listing prior to the LRS Test Suite's final release. (And if you run into any issues with it, contact us at